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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Comparing Parser Construction Techniques

Already a few months ago I completed my Bachelor computer science by writing a small paper and attending and presenting at a student conference. Well anyway, the topic I wrote about is parser construction techniques. The paper talks about parser generators (ANTLR in specific), parser combinators (Parsec 2) and a nice novel combination of the two (Tinadic Parsing, still to published somewhere in the future).

Anyway I hope this paper might be interesting to some people reading my blog. The paper comes with quite some code examples and it's probably not a very hard read. So you might consider it a small tutorial on parser construction techniques (or even learn some Parsec while you're at it :) ).

My paper can be found here at the website of the University of Twente.

The accompanying code examples can be found here. If someone would really appreciate it, I might consider writing some more documentation.

As you might have noticed blog posts were a bit scarce the last weeks, because of my silly ambition of taking 3 instead of 2 courses :P. Anyway, I'm liking the pace but my side activities suffer a bit, so I'll probably switch back after next period.
(People waiting for the extended state monad implementation: I haven't given up yet!)